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Accent your front porch or back patio with the Southern Patio Porter Diameter Resin Outdoor Planter for a chic place to display your favorite bouquet, harvest herbs, or add some lush greenery. This backyard patio urn planter is crafted from a lightweight, long-lasting blend of ceramic and resin, de..
Discover how beautiful your home decor can be when you add this square decorative planter set.Product Features:Textured floral design makes a lovely accent. Upward plank panels offer rustic charm. Four-leg base provides sturdy setting. Product Details:2-piece set Large planter: 18''H x 13''W x 1..
This decorative planter set will stand out and make an ideal space to display lovely floral arrangements.Product Features:Angled thatch design offers rustic appeal. Intricately pressed vine patterns show detail. Sturdy legs provide a solid, reliable base. Product Details:2-piece set Large plante..
Stylish yet classic, this wood decorative planter set will stand the test of time.Product Features:Intricately pressed vine pattern draws attention. Sturdy legs provide a solid, reliable base. Strong wood construction offers lasting beauty. Product Details:2-piece set Large planter: 15''H x 13''..
Inspired by nature and built to last, this decorative planter set keeps your home decor in bloom all year round.Product Features:Floral and faux-woven patterns catch the eye. Lustrous finish shines with natural tones. Sturdy wood construction ensures years of use. Product Details:2-piece set Lar..
This fabulous decorative planter set will weave its way into the center of your home decor.Product Features:Faux-woven design creates texture. Bulb-shape provides ample space. Rich hues add timeless appeal. Product Details:2-piece set Large planter: 11''H x 13''W x 13''D Small planter: 9''H x 8..
This decorative planter set adds rustic appeal with an elegant sensibility to your home decor.Product Features:Faux-weave and solid wood designs show contrast. Two sizes allow complementary floral arrangements. Sturdy wood construction ensures continuous luster. Product Details:2-piece set Large..
With the look of fancy baskets but the sturdiness of wood, this decorative planter set makes a unique addition to your home decor.Product Features:Rounded-octagon shape provides large opening. Faux-woven design gives a classic appearance. Sturdy wood construction ensures years of use. Product Det..
Start your herbs and flowers off right this season with the Southern Patio 24 Inch Westlake Deck Rail Garden Planter. Whether you live in an apartment or simply want to add some greenery to your porch, this rail planter can optimize and beautify your outdoor space. The portable resin planter is a p..
To all our plant people out there, this set of FCMP Outdoor Pedestal Planters are about to show off your green thumb to the neighbors on your block. These planters are self-watering, so they'll do all the work for you. Simply drill an overflow hole, place your potted plants, flip the tray, and dril..
Display your favorite floral collections in this striking, hexagon-shaped decorative planter set.Product Features:Earthen finish lends a natural appearance. Various sizes work together or alone. Sturdy wood construction ensures beauty. Product Details:3-piece set Large planter: 7 1/2''H x 12''W ..
Imagine sitting on your porch or balcony enjoying a fresh salad made with sun ripened juicy tomatoes, crisp green lettuce, and cool cucumbers picked directly from your own garden bed. Whether you have a small yard, balcony, or huge acreage, the Raised Galvanized Steel Outdoor Plant Bed by Stratco of..
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